Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

TORWallet features a built-in Bitcoin tumbler for automatically anonymizing any Bitcoins in your wallet. TorWallet never stores logs or client information. IP addresses are deleted every 30 seconds. We do not respond to any request for information from any authority under any circumstances. TORWallet offers fast load times, state-of-the-art Bitcoin security features, multisig offline cold storage, and much more.

  • TOR URL: http://3hinuo4cve4pdysb.onion/
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  • Bitcoin Hard Fork Announcement: There will be NO disruption to TorWallet users during the upcoming possible Bitcoin hard fork. TorWallet will continue to function without interruption and no action is required on your part. We have already implemented and tested all the necessary upgrades in preparation for a hard fork.

TOR Wallet Features

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet With Built-in Bitcoin Tumbler.

TOR-friendly Bitcoin Wallet with Built-in Anonymizer