Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you store about your users?

We do not store any information except for your username, password, balance, and transaction history (bitcoin deposits and withdrawals). We do not store IP address, browser agent, or any other information which could identify you.

Do you ever request personal information?

Absolutely not. We NEVER ask for your personal information, period.

Are all funds mixed?

Yes, TORWALLET funds are automatically anonymized as soon as you fund your wallet.

If all funds are mixed, what is the purpose of the Anonymize button in the client area?

If you need maximum anonymization, click on the 'Anonymize' button to further tumble your Bitcoins. Instead of mixing your coins with all of the other coins on TorWallet, the 'anonymize' feature takes Bitcoin mixing a step further; we completely replace your coins with coins from an outside wallet which never had any connection to TorWallet. Therefore the chain is completely broken and we guarantee 0% taint of your coins. We recommend using the 'anonymize' button if you are doing anything on the darknet.

How long does it take for Bitcoin deposits to credit to my account?

Around 30 minutes

How long does it take to send Bitcoin from my account?

We randomize sending times for maximum anonymity. This means that time-based forensic analysis cannot be conducted on the blockchain to identify your account. Sending times may vary between 1 minute to several hours. For this reason, you should not use TorWallet to process time-sensitive payments such as BitPay invoices.

When are tumbling/withdrawal times fastest?

The service is fastest between 4am and 1pm Moscow time. During this time period, Bitcoin sends/launders often take only a few minutes.

Can I pay BitPay or CoinBase invoices with TorWallet?

No, we do not recommend it, because the funds might be sent after the invoice has expired. Bitcoin withdrawals take 1 minute to several hours to process and the withdrawal time algorithm is completely random to further anonymize your wallet.

How can I pay time sensitive invoices?

We recommend you download Electrum wallet and run it on your computer. Then send your TorWallet funds to your Electrum wallet, which will make your Electrum wallet funds completely anonymous. Then you can pay a time sensitive invoice from your Electrum wallet.

Are my Bitcoins at risk on the server?

No, because your funds are mostly stored offline. If the server got hacked, you would NOT lose any money whatsoever. We don't understand these so-called Bitcoin thefts of thousands of Bitcoins from Mt. Gox, Bitfinex, etc. Only a very stupid company would store a significant amount of Bitcoins on the server. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for a hacker to steal your Bitcoins because our wallet system is offline.

How do you handle court orders?

Since we do not have a postal address or a country domicile, we cannot receive a court order. If somehow we magically received one, we would throw it in the garbage!

TOR Wallet Features

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet With Built-in Bitcoin Tumbler.